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System Design

Lower delivery risk and lower costs

System design by 5W is aimed at data systems. There is a significant overlap with the applications and application scopes. While implementing a new IT system, a thorough and detailed design is extremely valuable. Whenever discrepancies occur between requirements and delivery, these gaps must be closed. In order to achieve a high quality system, a solid design is of crucial importance. Without a solid design the delivery risk will increase disproportionately.


Functional and non-functional elements

A design for a new IT system starts with requirements, both functional (which buttons can I use) and non-functional (what colors do the buttons have). The first decision a designer has to make is about requirements and deciding whether these allow room for a solid design. Redefining, reinterpreting, adding and removing requirements are all part of the system designer’s responsibilities. The system designer may collaborate with all stakeholders to solve problems, correct mistakes and find gaps. All of this is done before the system is purchased and implemented. The decisions regarding the design may add extra efficiency to processes or reduce hardware and software costs. Or advise the use of a cloud service instead of purchasing physical equipment.

Designing based on strategy is extremely beneficial

Designing an efficient IT system, one that works properly according to requirements, may be highly beneficial in the short term, but it is even more beneficial on the long term. The design process must take into consideration the company’s corporate and IT strategies in terms of architecture. By ensuring that strategic, critical goals of the company and the IT organization are implemented in the system design, the system designer contributes to the company’s long term success.


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