If ransomware hits you... Do you have a solution in place?

Hurricanes and water damage

What happens to your data when your data center is damaged by hurricanes or water damage?

People often think of weather when they talk about water damage. However, less obvious causes can also lead to serious damage to data and IT systems: burst water pipes or accidental triggering of automated sprinkler systems in data centers. Water damage can render data or IT systems completely useless. If that happens, what will you do? When will your data and applications be up-and-running again? Is there a good back-up available? Water or storm damage may cause the entire industrial site to be shut down or utilities to fail. 5W’s Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) helps you prepare. Your employees will be able to hit the ground running in your “Defection IT environment”. Your company will soon be back to normal.

5W ensures your data and applications remain available, so you will be back into operational mode in no time!