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Operational Support

Management and security from prior knowledge

Operational support from 5W includes IT infrastructure systems and applications of corporate information and data warehouse. Similar to implementations, we work with partners (if required) in expanding operational support to hosting and networks.

Operational support for systems during their life span is another skillset of the 5W solutions and services portfolio. Management and security of the system require extensive knowledge, understanding which parts of the system are essential to user access, performance and security. Responding to incidents properly and adequately can improve the perception of the system and support team. It is an opportunity to show the skills of the operational support team. Showcasing the efforts besides their daily routine work.
As the system ages, the operational support team ensures that the system is maintained and that hardware and software are upgraded and replaced if needed. At the end of the system’s life span, the knowledge and skills of the support team are of huge importance during the migration of data and its users to the new system.

Contact us with any Operational Support inquiries you may have via +31 30 6361214 or info@5wdatasolutions.nl