If ransomware hits you... Do you have a solution in place?


Cooperation and communication are key

At 5W, our core competencies are implementing data systems, including systems that process data, like corporate information and data warehouse systems. We also look at hosting and networks that support these data systems, and, where applicable, we work with partners on large or complicated implementations.


Communication and alignment are key

In order to achieve a successful, premium implementation of a planned IT system, attention to detail in following the plan is of key importance. Whenever unexpected circumstances occur, all of the assets in the team must be available. The problem can only be solved when mutual goals and skills are fully aligned. This applies to technical and non-technical personnel. As with many aspects of a business, communication is key; solid communication ensures that every person in the project knows what they are expected to do, and when.


Planning and improvising go together

By working according to plan and responding to unexpected problems and changes, successful delivery of the system can be achieved. Every phase involved in activating, building, testing and trying the system, training its users and other machinations brings the project forward to its final commissioning. After care and operational support by the implementation team create confidence in the management and the users that the system really works.